Degrees in Real Estate and Licensing

Choosing the Right Degree

As most people know, it’s hard to make a decent living without a good education. Those who have a degree have a fighting chance in the job market compared to those who only have a high school diploma or GED. The type of degree, however, has a enormous impact on the outlook of that particular field as well as pay. One career that should be considered by most is a real estate agent.

Outlook for Real Estate Agents

Before jumping into any career or a degree it is always best to consider the outlook in that field. For example, it may not be worth the time and money to invest in a degree in a field that is expected to decrease over the next several years. The pay rate should be considered as well since this an investment in your future for the long run. The projected growth rate for real estate brokers is 11% for the next 10 years. The average real estate agent will make $42,000 a year or around $20 an hour.

Why Choose a Degree?

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To enter the field of real estate, you should have a high school diploma or GED. Earning a degree in real estate can expand your knowledge in the field and can increase your revenue in the long run. How you go about getting a license will depend on the state you plan to obtain your license in since every state has different rules and regulations. In most states you must be at least 18, although there are a few states who may require one to be at least 19. There will be an exam in which you must pass to obtain a license to be a real estate salesperson. However, some find it helpful to enroll in extra courses to better prepare them for the exam.

Is Real Estate the Career for You

Odds are there are plenty of real estate agents in your area. Before jumping into that field, you may want to talk to a few agents about their day to day work life. This will also give you an edge since you may get some tips and tricks from other experienced real estate agents. Selling techniques have a major role when it comes to being a real estate and those with strong people skills tend to thrive the most in this field.