The Scaffold Tower

Introduction to Scaffold Tower

Whenever a construction company is looking for a practical item to use in order to complete building and maintenance tasks, one of the products that they will benefit from is scaffold towers. These are structures that are a combination of ladder and platform. They are able to meet a number of purposes which include storing and transporting materials. They are made up of very durable materials which allow construction companies to get use of these for a very long time. These towers are also quite affordable and cost effective which makes it easier for construction companies to purchase.

Purposes of Scaffold Tower

The main purposes of using scaffold towers is to store and transport various tools, equipment and materials around a job site. Instead of having to carry these things and put workers through a lot of physical strain, scaffold towers can enable them to easily and conveniently access the tools and equipment they need. They are also able to move these items around with ease and efficiency which will save time as well.

mobile scaffolding tower

Materials they are made up of

With scaffold towers, construction companies will have an item that is made up of a very rugged steel. This is among the most durable materials around and will ensure stability as well as durability for many years. The steel frame provides lots of support which will be useful when looking to store and transport heavy equipment, tools and materials such as wood. There is also a solid wood platform which will give construction workers a sturdy surface to take advantage of when they are looking to take on various projects.

Product offered by Mario Orlando

When construction companies are looking to get a scaffold tower, they will have the opportunity to get some of the best on the market from Mario Orlando. This company offers a wide range of scaffold towers for construction companies to purchase. The company was set up in the year 1964 by an individual who possessed lots of creativity for practical construction equipment. As well as being used for general construction projects, Mario Orlando began to manufacture scaffold towers for sports and events beginning in 1984. Now in the present, Mario Orlando is a market leader in production, sale and rental of scaffold towers to businesses worldwide. With constant consideration of the needs of its customers, Mario Orlando & Company maintains its reputation as one of the best construction equipment companies in the world.