Technology and the Modern Grandstand

When it comes to sporting events, the grandstand is an integral part of the experience. It is not just where the fans sit, but the center of most activity at the event: Scoring officials, agents, and other industry officials sit in the grandstands in order to get a better feel for the event as a whole. With all of the technological advances available, this has filtered down to sporting events as well. There are a number of nice toys that have shifted small events to a major event, and usually for the advantage of the event as well.

Scorekeeping has never been easier. Using tablets hooked into the local WiFi, officials can quickly communicate official results to coaches and the official scorekeepers. The information can quickly be added to the scoreboard as well as sent out on the net to those waiting for it. This also means that the coaches have accurate information to help their players get better during training, and fantasy leagues can quickly adjust to the news. Fans also have a number of ways to keep up on the scores as they are sent in texts, e-mails, and raw data to the appropriate sites, making the event live even for those without televisions.

For those that are there more for the social side, the grandstand has kept up with fashion. Replaceable seats allow for a change in stadium color so that fans can sit in chairs matching the colors of the teams involved. Some grandstands have a top in order to shield the spectators from the sun and wind; that canvas part comes in a variety of different colors and cloths so as to improve the experience. The colors can be quickly changed between events so as to make fans at home or to provide a better color for the season. The cloth can also be changed so as to better fit the season, with lighter fabrics for summer to allow better air circulation and thicker cloth to help shield fans from the rain and snow.

The grandstand can also be combined with Bluetooth technology: Speakers can be better placed for auditory supremacy and it also allows fans clear listening wherever they are on their own devices. That technology can also keep them connected to scores and other information from the event. Overall, with a little planning technology can be used to create more levels than before for fans and officials alike, making for an incredible experience.