The applications of laser hybrid welding

Laser hybrid welding has become a popular form of welding because it uses the benefits of both arc welding and laser welding to create a more complex sturdy weld. The laser beam used heats the work surface to the point of vaporizing it with deep and narrow heat penetration. Then the arc welding comes into play producing a wide arc spot which in turn gives greater penetration depth without a large heat affected spot. Depending on the material you use, laser hybrid welding can produce more efficient welding as well as a sturdier and more reliable weld.

laser hybrid weldingA popular use for this type of welding is its use in shipbuilding and heavy duty construction. This is because beam welding gives you a deeper penetrated bond between the metallic materials, while reducing the heat stress on a large area. For example a standard arc weld may only penetrate the material of one quarter of an inch whereas the laser weld will penetrate down to three quarters of an inch if needed to produce a far more reliable weld. This is why shipbuilding and heavy construction are a popular application site for laser welding.

Laser welding is so popular due to its minute weld beam and its absence of filler materials. The metallic material you are using to weld is what your weld will be made of so that you can be sure that you have a strong reliable weld. Almost all commercial carbon or stainless steel material can be used in the welding process. The application of this weld is completely automatic and precise according to each individual requirement. The laser is capable of cutting through material up to one and one quarter inch thick and even tinier if needed.
Another popular use for this weld is in the production of hollow metal tubing. Tubing comes in a wide variety of shapes but a square or rectangle is the prominent style. The hollow tubes are made from individually cut strips of metal which are welded together. Each corner is welded to one another with little trace of a weld. There is also a small area where the heat even touched resulting in a more long lasting metal with less stress. These tubes have a wide variety of uses depending on shape, size, and thickness.
In conclusion, we have to say that the applications of laser hybrid welding are truly endless and will soon replace current welding techniques. Every aspect of this type of welding is far better and more improved than all other welding styles out there. With stronger welds that also include a smaller heat affected area you will experience a very good way of building, using this style of welding.