Global MBA in Italy: Bologna Business School

Bologna Business School (BBS) is a diverse, financially strong, accredited institution, located in Italy. It’s the oldest MBA program in the Western European regions. The International Master of Business Administration seeks to prepare young professionals, entry-level managers, recent college graduates for careers in upper level management.

BBS full-time Master’s in Italy provides international opportunities for students interested in pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration. There’s also a part-time MBA taught on the weekends. The business school’s international initiative has lead to a large majority of the courses being taught in English as well as Italian. The teaching staff consists of International lecturers and faculty members. The program focuses on developing young professionals into smart and effective leaders.

The MBA Italy degrees include a Global MBA, a Full-Time MBA, and several Executive Masters and Open Programs. The Open Program offers opportunities to those who are employed full-time and are actively seeking continued educational experience. Programs such as the Advanced Human Resources Executive Program, Business Intelligence and Performance Management, and a General Management Program are scheduled for shorter durations, typically 5 months with larger variance in the age of the students, aged 35 and older.

Bologna Business School (BBS) Expanded Global MBA

The program is open to International students, those who have a desire to go beyond entry-level management, realizing they need an MBA in order to reach the highest levels in the business industry. At the same time, experienced executives wishing for higher level expertise, have the opportunity to obtain an Executive Master’s Degree.

Bologna Business School (BBS) expanded Global MBA offerings are designed to meet the demand of today’s business environment. The coursework, lectures, and case studies give students a broad base, which allows them to develop the techniques, skills and behaviors needed to become impactful, high level corporate managers.

The curriculum for the MBA Italy program keeps pace with the interests of the business world today, as reflected in many of the part-time, accelerated Open Programs degree options such as the Corporate Coaching Program, the IT Governance and ICT Management Program, The Executive Program In Management Accounting and Corporate Finance and The Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Program.

These MBA degree programs are essential for giving young professionals the necessary skills to advance in management fields. The Business School program offering includes internships to assist students in exploring career opportunities in a particular industry.