One-year vs. Two-year MBA Programs

When choosing a one year Master of Business Administration (MBA) program versus a two year MBA program in business schools, students who seek real-world business experience during the summer months chose two years of study. One year MBA programs are for students who want to complete a business degree program quicker than two years because they already know their career path in a specific field, such as corporate finance, human resources (HR), and management.

That is why most business schools around the world today, such as in Italy, offer one year MBA courses. Therefore, professionals in business return to college to enhance their analytic, leadership, business strategy and organizational skills through a MBA degree program.

Although there are many qualified and reputable business schools around the world, the top business school on the northeastern geographical side of United States and in the New England region, Bologna Business School (BBS) in Italy is one of the most innovative and reputable business schools in Europe.

Business schools are educational institutions specializing in facilitating the essential information needed for business professionals to understand businesses or business services in today’s society attributed to economic changes. Such changes, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is job growth in financial analysts, managers in health and medical services, as well as specialists in HR and accountant specialists, including auditors, says College Choice.


Earning an MBA in Italy

The MBA programs in Bologna, Italy, use an international curriculum in both English and Italian languages and develop partnership with foreign universities in such disciplines as communications, leadership and general management.

Master of Business Administration programs in Italy also facilitates strategy (i.e., strategic management, strategic thinking, strategic planning). As mentioned above, some students are just entering into the business world and want to learn administration and business competencies, while established business professionals return to school to enhance their already known skills based on the school’s curriculum.

One Year MBA Programs at BBS

Learners can graduate with a MBA program in Italy in 12 months. Director of Studies at BBS, Alessandro Pastore says, “The stellar international faculty and the renown guest speakers ensure that the candidates will have on-going exposure to “Theory and Practice.” The MBA concentrations at BBS include Green Energy, Food and Wine, Fashion Management and Innovation Management/Mechanics & Automation.